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Published March 21, 2012 by aquaturtleme

The Beauty Of Transparency

Quite few realize

Many live with masks

Which leave themselves ugly

But for those who enjoy Transparency

& its Crystalline charm


its so so hard to look back


Published March 21, 2012 by aquaturtleme

I love avocados & always grab them at the first sight. My hubby & daughter both would sigh each other & laugh, whenever I move towards the avo tray, coz my fascination toward it is well-known… Today I just browsed to see the  benefits. I was ecstasized by the findings. Here r a few:

Avocado Health Benefit #1 – Avocado Has Anti-Cancer Benefits

One of the health benefits of avocado is that it has anti-cancer benefits. Avocado is said to be rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients. On the other hand, the lack of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients are among the risk factors that are equated to cancer. The nutrients present in avocado have been observed to improve inflammatory and antioxidant stress levels in healthy cells. On the other hand, in cancer cells, the nutrients present in avocado cells have been observed to facilitate even greater oxidative and inflammatory stress which may cause cancer cells to die.

Avocado Health Benefit #2 – Avocado Has Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Another important benefit of avocado is its anti-inflammatory benefits. As mentioned earlier, avocado is rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients such as polyphenols and flavonoids. In addition to helping prevent cancer, these anti-inflammatory nutrients also play an essential role in helping prevent inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Avocado Health Benefit #3 – Avocado Has Cholesterol Benefits

Many people are plagued with cholesterol problems. Another health benefit of avocado is that is helps regulate cholesterol. Avocados are rich in what is called oleic acid, as well as beta-sitosterol, which are known for helping decrease cholesterol contents significantly. Experiments conducted using avocado showed that avocado can help reduce cholesterol levels by up to 17 percent.

Avocado Health Benefit #4 – Avocado is Good for the Heart

With its rich taste, avocado is misconstrued by a lot of people to be fatty and bad for the heart. The opposite, however, is actually true. Avocado is rich is many nutrients which are considered to help combat heart disease such as the following: oleic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-6, folic acids, and folate. Based on studies, researchers have noted that people who have a folate-rich diet are better protected from cardiovascular diseases as compared to their peers.

Avocado Health Benefit #5 – Avocado Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

Avocado is very rich in potassium. Consuming the right amount of potassium per day can greatly help protect one’s self from circulatory diseases like heart diseases, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Avocado Health Benefit #6 – Avocado is Good for the Eyes

Avocado is rich in carotenoid lutein. Carotenoid lutein is known for combating oxidative stressing, cataracts and eye muscle degeneration. These two eye conditions are often results of aging. Thus, it would be beneficial to introduce avocado to one’s diet as one becomes older in order to avail of its numerous health benefits.

Avocado Health Benefits #7 – Avocado Helps Prevent Birth Defects

The high amount of folate in avocado also serves as a protection for pregnant women. Folate is said to be essential in preventing birth defects such as spina bifida and neural tube defect.

Now you know that a simple fruit can have vital overall contribution to your health. Take the most out of the many avocado health benefits and start making the avocado a mainstay ingredient for your meals.