What had I been…

Published April 3, 2012 by aquaturtleme

What had I been doing…

All these years…

Just sinked into the routine chores

Of a typical home maker


Though I was never demanded to put down my skills

Nor get tucked up as a simple home bound kady

My hubby always appreciated my talents &

Motivated me to express myself…

But then why?

I myself tried to shrink into my small world

Yes, thats the best… but

Alongside i could always find an outlet

For my creativity which was always supported

Still I opted to recoil

Now what triggered a rethinking??

Here I’ve got a platform 

To express myself 

With all my privacy

Once I’m back to it

I feel my writing has become so naive

Long years of abstinence 

Has taken off the gleam

Still its amusing

And I would celebrate this come-backImage


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