Published May 17, 2012 by aquaturtleme

I feel so special being a lady

The Lord’s tenderest creation

With a very tender and delicate mind

Ebbing & flowing for

A small pussy left alone in the street

A street dog stoned

A hungry  old man

Laying in corner of a railway station

A homeless mother trying to protect her baby

An insane girl thrown in the street

A small boy who has no friends

An old woman waiting in a faraway land

For her children & their kids to come home

A cancer patient struggling with pain

A mother who has lost her son

A soldier’s wife watching news

with trembling heart

An innocent victim in the jail

A girl molested

A fearful woman

almost running in the dark

to reach her abode

A labour injured in a construction site

Lone survivor of a tsunami

A cheated wife

A suspicious man

An abandoned baby

A child trapped by a beggar gang

A tortured kid

An accident victim

& so so many in trouble

In similar & varied situations…

All humans feel for all these

But being a lady

Leaves me much more sensitive

And empathic to these situations

‘Coz a woman is the softest creation of God

Leave alone the so many

Exceptions available in nature

5 comments on “BEING A LADY…

  • very true, carl…. they go a step ahead by helping ppl in adversity.. As Mother Teresa has mentioned one who has that element of Christ in his heart would realise that each one of them is Jesus in disguise, though the poem (i hope it can b called so) has a slightly different connotation.. it talks abt d soft-heartedness of a lady & the tenderness she feels towards a person in a vulnerable situation…
    Thanks so much 4 ur comments on my posts.. i can see bountiful of that spirit in your comments as well as posts & am really happy abt it


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