Published May 23, 2012 by aquaturtleme

The book salesman should be honoured

‘Coz he brings to our attention,as a rule,

The very books we need most and neglect most.


Life is just like that. 

We learn the greatest lessons

From the silliest & simplest matters

Which are the most likely to be ignored..


We can better learn

THe values of Sincerity, Love 

& Innocence from our kids..

18 comments on “SMALL BIG LESSONS

  • Yep!!! One of my twin girls just asked me to turn something on for her, and then she sits back on the floor and starts singing “i’m so happy, happy” And here I was mopping for no reason…thankful for these innocent ones that remind us to smile and be present.

    • really dear.. v daze at their lightness – reaching the height of ecstasy on such simple matters, nxt moment weeping on a trivial matter, being able to love & trust w/o any conditions – God Bless them!!

  • It’s the small things that we later look back to realize they were actually the big things. I got that quote from somewhere but it stuck. Thank you for your recent follow. I am a firm believer in the small stuff 🙂


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