Published June 4, 2012 by aquaturtleme

2 Yr Old Australian Girl Home Alone With Dead Mum For Five Days

 SYDNEY, April 16, 2012 (AFP) -An Australian two-year-old spent up to five days home alone with the body of her dead mother, according to officials who said Monday she may have survived on chocolate Easter eggs.

The severely dehydrated child was found on Friday after neighbours raised the alarm, leading to the discovery of the body of a woman in her 30s in a house in Wagga Wagga, some 400 kilometres (250 miles) southwest of Sydney.

“She was quite lethargic and pale. She wasn’t saying much, she wasn’t displaying much emotion,” regional Ambulance Inspector Eamonn Purcell said of the toddler.

Authorities admit there are many unknowns in the case, including how the mother died, but while the girl was dehydrated her blood sugar levels were good.

“It was not long after Easter so she probably had some chocolate eggs that she was eating,” Purcell told reporters.

Police and paramedics who treated the girl were unable to say how long she may have been alone but reports said that neighbours believed it could have been up to five days.

“You’ve got to feel for this two-year-old who might have been alone days and nights in this house,” Purcell said.
The child was taken to hospital in a serious condition but had since improved.

Police said they were preparing a report for the coroner and the cause of the woman’s death had not yet been determined.

– What a sad incident!! Such a small child having to spend time with no living person around her at all & with her mom’s corpse near-by, without even knowing what is the meaning of death or the vehemence of her loss. Poor child. How many times would she have called her mom? & would have cried because she was not responding.. she would have been so scared, tired, hungry & even such a small kid how would she do her basic daily requirements…. Oh My Jesus!! how much she had suffered in those 5 days…

But, still it was God’s plan that she was still to remain alive!! So, He preserved her… 

Actually, we humans have now become so self-centred… We value our privacy more than anything on earth & also decide that others also need their privacy… Many a times we don’t even glimpse to our neighbour’s flat.. Sometimes, we don’t even know who lives near-by… I was thinking if this had happened in my neighbourhood, even we wouldn’t have known.. or the other way round… ‘coz many days we dont even see our neighbours.. after a gap when we see, we will just throw a question to each other… “Were you people still there? Not at all to be seen?” 

We are all too busy to look around, think about others’ lives.. Also we don’t want to peep into others’ privacy,,, But, it can result in a situation that we are unable to provide a helping hand to some one in a critical position, even save a life, when we could have easily done it!!! 

Let us become more humane!!!

14 comments on “DO YOU KNOW THY NEIGHBOUR?

  • When I read such stuff, I realize when we call this world BRUTAL, it is true in all aspects!
    Thank you for sharing Rose!

  • So sad …. it has happen with elderly people over here .. they have been dead for up to months and the neighbors haven’t picked it up. That is so sad – when I was sick my neighbors was so worried about me – came with freshly baked bread – but none of them are Swedish, it’s a fantastic feeling when notice that people cares about you – but I think it will be come worst – with us isolating yourself in-front of computer.

    By the way – I don’t get notifications when you done a new post – and I’m following you. Everything ticked as I can see.

  • There should have been a family member, co-worker or even the child’s school that should have called and think something is wrong. My grandmother use to say God watches over babies and fools. That little girl was under the best care.

  • One of the things I have noticed about living here in San Diego, and I’ve been here for 18 years, is that it’s not the same as living in rural Texas.

    In Texas, everyone knew everyone else. We left our doors and windows unlocked, often open. Our cars were never locked.

    When someone new moved into the city, hundreds of people rushed over to welcome them with cake, cookes, entreés, plants.

    Just not the case out here. The many times that I have moved I have had to go next door and across the street to find out who my neighbors are. In few cases, though, that was the essence of any interaction. It’s like if you own a home then you are well enough established that you don’t need any new friends. It’s weird, and to a Southern boy like me, kind of frustrating.


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