Published July 28, 2012 by aquaturtleme

It had been a long period of absence..

Frankly I didn’t want to blog during holidays….

Holidays are always fast-moving, fun-packed

And are very much memorable…


& Blogging for me, is a personal affair…

Exclusively devoted to my privacy..


Sharing those personal thoughts & emotions 

Is again profoundly memorable

I chose not to meddle up those precious moments

Both classy & dandy in their own ways!!

But, I terribly miss my parents

Who are all alone in my home-land..

We call them daily, but still I know they miss us so much..

After all those days together & cherishing moments with my daughter

I very well understand how much they miss her & us….

But meeting & parting is part of life..

So have to wait till we meet again next year…

For another short vacation!!!

11 comments on “BACK TO BLOGGING

  • Thanks for visiting my blog. I like the soft color of the page. I like blogs that are pleasing to look at and easy to read. Your content is not simple, but the style is. I like reading of life and feelings.


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