Published August 4, 2012 by aquaturtleme

We have to dare to be ourselves…

I often wonder why people 

Try to camouflage.

An ant has its unique attributes,

And an elephant its own!

It is distinctiveness that

Sets apart each creed!!


Identity is lost on trying

To pretend..

Self-appreciation is the key

To a wonderful personality.

If one can’t respect self

How can it be possible

With some one else?

Love thy personality 

And be the most beautiful!


22 comments on “IDENTITY

      • I have come to realize/accept/understand/whatever…………that I am a different person everyday. And I am a different person with different people and in different situations.

        It does make it confusing to know just who I am. So I accept I am many people.

        The part I have to watch is to not mix up my selves and be the wrong person with the wrong people.
        Example: On my wedding day I said “DAMN” in front of the preacher because I spilled coffee on my wedding gown at the reception.

        But at least I did not say…G- – Damn.


    • oh, dear u r so sincere & i’m sure u can’t pretend or camouflage..

      had a gr8 laugh imagining ur hubby’s expression hearing ur comment then…

      anyways i love u for wot u r.. coz u r a very straight forward person




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