Published September 2, 2012 by aquaturtleme

School reopens after First Term

After a span of three months

Back are those days

Of Early Mornings, Deprived Sleeps,

Break Fast Tugs, Time Tables & Lunch Boxes

Packed School Bags, Uniforms & Accessories

 Home Work, Assignments & Assessments


Transitions are on the stake

Gone are those lovely three months

Of Relaxed Outings, Late Night Returns,

Saturated Sleeps, Extended Chats

Leisurely Showers, Hair Care, Face Massages

Those exclusive mom-daughter days

En route school & the previous night

My little angel kept on enquiring

Amma, won’t you miss me those six hours


Yes, I do miss her, but now we’ve adapted

I’m busy with my chores

And she with her friends, studies & games

In both our minds we know well

That we will meet within a few hours

With tonnes of amusements to share

Incidents throughout the six hours,

Simple Delights, Small Disagreements

Lot of gossips & what not…

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